Top 3 Secrets For Mom’s Who Own a Home Based Business Yet Would Like to Maintain Their Sanity

Are there days when you feel like you’re home based business is doomed? Or days when you have seriously questioned if being a stay at home mom was the right choice? Mixing mommy hood and home based businesses can be a scary combination.  Many moms who survive will figure out a few tricks of the trade the hard way at the expense of lost business or with frustrated children who lash out.  Please, let me spare you at least some of those lessons. Here’s what I’ve found to keep my home based business moving forward while maintaining a happy household without losing my mind:

SUCCESS SECRET#1:  Schedule Your Business Time.   Make your family time family time and your business time business time.  I used to try to just hop on the phone and/or computer throughout the day when I got a free minute, but soon I’d find myself in the middle of toddler meltdown with a client on the phone or my page of marketing strategies being used as snowflakes (you know torn to bits).  My daughter needed my attention and when it was split between her and my business it made things frustrating for the both of us.  Now I keep my business time and my daughter time separate.  I work on my business during her nap, or during a movie and after she goes to bed. I switch my phone off and focus on her when it’s her time.  This means when I do get to work I have to be efficient and focused so I automate what I can and let the internet and my computer do a lot of the work for me. Then I give my business the attention it needs and only I can provide without all the frustration. Likewise, my daughter gets the attention she needs and the meltdowns are much fewer and farther in between. 

SUCCESS SECRET #2:  Call for Back Up.  Maybe your children don’t nap anymore or maybe you just need more time to work on your business than a 1-2 hour nap will provide. It’s time to call in for backup. Family, friends or a babysitter coming over even just once or twice a week can make a big difference on what you can accomplish.  I’d recommend if possible even locking yourself in your office/bedroom/or going to another location where you can be uninterrupted.  Even if the baby just doesn’t want to go down for her nap,  your babysitter of choice will figure something out or worst case scenario, phone you.  You’ll find yourself better able to focus on your business without distractions and on your children when you know you’re going to have a few a hours to handle all those pressing business concerns. 

SUCCESS SECRET #3:  Get some Rest.  This one was difficult for me.  I have a hard time sleeping when I know I have something left undone, even if it’s just an idea I need to go write down.  But what I’ve found is when I don’t get enough sleep. I am not a happy mommy and when I am not a happy mommy I have less patience for my children, which we all know is probably the most important job requirement when dealing with children, especially toddlers.  Give yourself a bedtime and stick to it.  Almost everything will wait and you’ll be fresher and better able to handle it in the morning.  If you’re like me and you just can’t sleep, try making a list for the next day.   For some strange reason that makes me feel that whatever the task was, it has at least been accounted for and therefore it will not be left undone or forgotten.  My mom always told me, “a good mom, is a happy mom.”  It’s much harder to be happy when you’re suffering from sleep deprivation. At the very least, get yourself to bed early a couple nights a week.

So there you go. Pretty simple. Just always keep in mind you own a home based business FOR your children not inspite of them and remember some days it’s worth it to just throw in the towel and take a break. Or maybe rather throw that towel in a bag, get the sunscreen and take the little ones to the pool. That’s the beauty of home based business ownership. You are the boss and when you see the need for a mini-vacation, you go get it girl!